Every website is distinct. And every website has distinct issues to address in its design. You will find below a sampling of some of the websites we have designed, the challenges presented by each, and our approach in making each of them unique.

Care To Dream

caretodream This website is a portal to Care To Dream, a Canadian company with a vision of empowering others to "care to dream" of living a life of joy, happiness and inner peace! Empowerment workshops to improve self-esteem, and natural products which support physical wellness, are available.

The inspirational sunrise banner is a key feature on each page, setting the tone of renewal and hope. A curved pillar was integrated into the banner, to link in the menu tabs.

The Stinson Family

stinfamily This is a website for a family living in Ottawa, Canada. It was designed to introduce the family members -- pets included -- in a fun and interesting way. Rolling the cursor over one of the gold name tags brings up that family member's picture within one of the alien helmets. This is accompanied by a crackling electrical noise. Clicking on any name tag brings up a more detailed discussion of that person and their photograph.

Feel free to try out the Stinson Family website. I'm sure they won't mind! The page makes use of JavaScript, so if you are one of the 10% of people who don't have JavaScript enabled, you get a warning and you miss out on the experience.

Connections Unlimited

connectionsunlimited A friend in Oregon wanted his business to have a web presence. He had established Connections Unlimited to connect those who want to make a difference with the resources, personal empowerment tools, technology, wellness products and networks of like-minded people.

It seemed natural to build his website around views of the Oregon coast, since he loves the power of the ocean surf. Appropriate photographs of the local coastline were identified, and a different one featured on each page.

Chris Stinson's Basketball Page

chrisbaskeball Chris is a high school student with aspirations of playing university basketball. This Chris Stinson's Basketball Page features flash videos showcasing his skills.

He wanted something dynamic-looking, colorful and bold. The basic red, with flaming basketball logo, achieves this feel, without dominating the message contained. We wanted the words to seem natural, so Chris provided all the text and it has been put into the website unchanged (except for a couple spelling errors!).

Breaking Away

breakingaway This webpage was designed for a local company Breaking Away that sells, repairs, and customizes bicycles, and specializes in the "powder coating" method of painting.

Each page shows the same Breaking Away logo but features a different dynamic background image. The webpages were designed to fill completely the viewer's monitor, whatever resolution they have selected. One special feature was a mix and match demo, prepared using Javascript, that allows customers to try out different colour combinations interactively for their bicycle paint job.